Cletus world or design and decorations A dynamic and result oriented young person full of inspiration and creativity in the field of professional painting, arts design and decorative finishes with a great deal of client satisfaction. Background Cletus is a young guy who grew up from the streets of a town in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon. He came from a poor background where life and things where not easy and had to stay strong to stay alive. Growing up with his grandmother, at the age of 9 years old seeing the creativity and the beauty from Arts and design, painting he developed passion for it. Gathering waste from painting sides and using local materials such as mud to create things people turn to like his creativity but due to the lack of opportunities to pick up a career in that field and with no one to help sponsor him at that time. His educational level ended at a "primary " level due to lack of finance to further his studies. As he grew up he started doing regular painting in his quarter and his talent began showing where he realized the impact he could have to his community, his friends and family as well as himself. Barely surviving from the streets by doing whatever it takes to stay alive, he was opportune to travel to a neighboring country. While their life was not as easy as he might have taught it would be. He had to sleep on the streets, inside garages in vehicles doing whatever job he could to meet up and to survive. Then one day came an opportunity to work with a group of white people from Italy and Spain who where into painting, arts and design, interior and exterior decorations which was exactly what he had passion on and wish to have a career in. Working with the white men changed his life as he was moulded for 5 years to becoming the professional he is today. After gaining all the knowledge he returned back to his country aiming to start up his own arts and decorations industry to create a difference by creating awareness of what he has learned and helping his fellow brothers by passing on knowledge and helping them find their creativity, also bringing in different cultures and changing the looks of his community. Growing up his aim has been to integrate different cultures, bringing togetherness, inspiring the young and giving necessary training to help alleviate poverty. Starting up his own business is to give back to the community what it could not give him while creating new opportunities to the less privilege. Customer satisfaction is the key to every industry and in Cletus World of Design and Decorations you are guaranteed of that satisfaction. Bringing to your closeness those forgotten stories and cultures of different denominations.